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Global Volunteer Month is a time to recognize volunteers and people who actively support their communities, whether through volunteerism or other elements around the Points of Light Civic Circle®. There are many paths to living a full civic life. Now is the perfect time to make a plan to join the celebration, today and every day. Download our toolkits and access resources to encourage volunteerism and civic action, recognize volunteers, and raise awareness for your organization’s needs and funding opportunities.



No matter how involved you want to be, Points of Light provides numerous opportunities for you to contribute and make a positive impact during Global Volunteer Month. For instance, you can browse our database of volunteering options to find something that suits your favorite cause, your location and your availability. These volunteer opportunities are available in-person as well as virtually, so you can make a difference even if you’re not there in a physical sense.

We also offer the resources you need to make a donation to a wide range of worthy causes vetted by the foundation. Even a small contribution can go a long way toward helping build stronger communities and driving meaningful change in the lives of those who need it.

Finally, what better way to celebrate Global Volunteer Month than by honoring those who freely give of themselves to help others? Nominating someone inspirational for a Daily Point of Light Award is a small token that shows just how valuable and important volunteers are in their communities as well as to the world at large.

Since establishing Global Volunteer Month in 1991, Points of Light has been committed to maximizing the impact every volunteer makes on the world and encouraging everyone to recognize their contributions. Follow the links below to learn more about each of these opportunities.


Our full toolkit includes resources and ideas to make the most of Global Volunteer Month. Choose from our toolkits for nonprofits, companies, government officials and individuals for resources and ideas to make the most of Global Volunteer Month. Find translated logos, social media graphics and sample messages to easily share your participation with your audiences.

Download Your Toolkit

Make the most of Global Volunteer Month with our toolkits for nonprofits, companies, government officials and individuals.